Fashion Hack: 5 Reasons Dusters are a MUST for Fall & Winter


Dusters can take you from 'hi' to 'Darling I have arrived' in moments!

It’s about that time, folks: nippy mornings, leaves changing, making the switch from iced to hot coffees. It’s fall! While this time can present an opportunity to decorate, enjoy pleasant weather and get ready for the holiday season, the change in the weather can be hard to navigate.

If you’re like me, you need to do two things: 1) take my allergy meds E-VUH-REE day and 2) get my transition wardrobe together. Isn’t it such an odd time to dress yourself? When else would you have on thong sandals to keep cool and long sweaters to keep warm all at the same time?!

Let’s talk about my favorite transitional piece of clothing: the duster! Google describes a duster as "a woman’s loose, lightweight full-length coat without buttons, of a style originally worn in the 1920s ".

Everyone needs a sleeveless duster and I’m going to tell you why.

1. Dusters are perfect for not too hot, not too cold weather

Dusters are the best transitional piece. Why? Because you can throw one on top of your leather dress (like Ta’Jae did above) while it’s still chilly in the morning. Then, as the afternoon gets warmer you can take it off. Headed out for groceries that evening in colder weather? Throw it right back on! It gets you just enough warmth plus style at the same time which is key while the weather is shifting into the cooler seasons.

2. Dusters can dress up your favorite tshirt and jeans

If you’re like me then your tshirts and jeans are in rotation way more now than before when most days were spent in an office environment. But just because you’re wearing a tshirt doesn’t mean you’re not trying to bring the style. A pair of jeans and a graphic tee are perfectly enhanced by a duster with a print, especially if your tshirt is mostly solid and doesn’t include any prints or patterns.

3. Dusters can dress down a more formal dress or skirt

Do you have that go-to dress that may come off too dressy for a more laid back environment? Or, like we noted in point #1, is it comfy but not as warm as you’d like? Enter, you guessed it, the duster! Ta’Jae is shown in a black leather dress that is complemented in the most unexpected way by our snakeskin duster. That play on bold fabrics and prints makes a statement but paired with flats feels a little more approachable.

4. Dusters are a quick and affordable style booster

Our sleeveless snakeskin duster retails for $32 through our app. Think about it. You’d likely spend at least double that if you bought a new top and bottom or fun new romper for one new look. Instead of that, you can buy one duster which can create several new looks with pieces already in your closet. Several new looks for thirty two bucks?! That’s a win.

5. Dusters = DRAMA

Listen here. A good duster enters a room and says “Hello! I’m here! Get into this look!”

From our model, Ta’Jae, "Dusters can take you from ‘hi’ to ‘Darling I have arrived’ in moments! They are so versatile and can pretty much elevate any look to a fabulous ensemble".

Ta’Jae wore our sleeveless duster to work where she teaches (both virtually and in-person, thanks for your service Ta’Jae!) and got tons of compliments. It’s one of those pieces that just gets noticed. And who can’t use a few compliments nowadays?

I want to take a moment to thank Departmynt’s day one customer, Ta’Jae, for modeling our duster. She rocked it! Am I right?!

Our sleeveless duster and more are available through the Departmynt app. The app is not yet available to the public. Subscribe below to be first to know when it goes live. Cheers!