I tried style hacks from social media. See the results!


I tried style hacks from TikTok and Instagram

While our fashion hacks will forever be our favorites, I was intrigued by a few style hacks that I keep seeing on social media. I decided that for our style hackathon, I’d collect a try out a few different hacks. The results were not what I expected!

The one shoulder blouse style hack

Instagram user @stylability made this one shoulder blouse hack seem relatively easy to accomplish. And it is relatively easy but perhaps that fashion hack only really works when you’re not a 36G? That little piece of shirt wrapped across my bust was a whole joke. You can basically see my entire unsexy yet very supportive bra. 

Verdict: That style hack was not for me but probably works on a smaller bust as shown

The rolled sleeves style hack

I really love a rolled sleeve. They do a great job of elongating a shorter frame like mine by bringing the eye back to center. This particular shirt I’m wearing is a slinky texture and so the sleeves never stay rolled up. So I decided to try this hack (it’s #2 in the video) which uses hair ties to keep the sleeves in the perfect spot without unrolling. 

Verdict: This style hack is okay. It would probably work better with a stiffer fabric. I’d still do it again. 

Have you tried any other fashion hacks that I should check out? Have you tried any of our hacks? Let us know!

And remember…your best style hack is Departmynt!