Fashion Hack: Wear my dress as a top? Let’s see…


Sarah told me to wear my dress as a top and here's the results. I'm shooketh...

The Hack

This style hack comes courtesy of Sarah Greisdorf of Holdette who was the first guest of the Business of Style podcast. When asked about her favorite style hack, she said sometimes she’ll use a dress as a top 🤯. 

Now this I had never done before and I wear my tops backwards so I’m not exactly short on creativity in this realm. This one is definitely a challenge and I’m ready for it.

Below Sarah is sporting her incognito dress look and she is totally pulling it off. Think I can do the same? Let’s see. 

The Process

Sarah cautioned that the dress really has to be just right. So I searched all over for a fitted dress which could be easily hidden. I hadn’t bought a fitted dress in ages so I really had to dial it back to when I was fresh out of school with a few bucks to spend and a few clubs to hit up (haha). 

I figured I could find a few fitted pieces at Shein (pronounced shay-in for anyone else who had been pronouncing this wrong like me) and I was right. While a couple tops and bottoms were a bit small or the unfortunate color of Pepto Bismol, I found a few I really loved. 

The Result

Check out the pic below. I mean….how cute is this first look? 

So right out of the gate I was obsessed with how this look is giving me so many fall weather vibes. Definitely bringing this look back out when the leaves start falling again. I thought that it was really nice how the dress comfortably stayed in place. While I’ve tried a few body suits which accomplish the same thing, I’ve never found one that fit comfortably. Another nice unexpected win was that that the added layer gave me a little extra warmth too.

What surprised me most about this hack is that it made me love skirts again! I’d written off most skirts ages ago because I have a tough time finding the right fit for the small fortune in my trunk paired with my shorter build. Thanks to Sarah I’m officially adding A line minis back to the repertoire! Or let’s be honest, adding them because pretty sure they’d never been there! 

So I was really intrigued by this patterned tule skirt with the love waistband. This is the exact type of extra that gets my heart all aflutter. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I would have had a really hard time figuring out how to wear this for winter. Using Sarah’s style hack really gave me options for this skirt.

So the look below I didn’t love so much. The skirt was a bit too fitted for my taste and was uncomfortable to wear. I would have preferred a skirt with some more give. If I’m gonna be pulling it up, down and out all day then it’s a “no” for me. Plus this reminds me too much of me circa 2009 😬. Girl’s gotta grow!

The Verdict

I am suuuuuper happy with the result! I never expected to love mini skirts again and I never thought I’d wear a fitted dress again in my post-baby body. I couldn’t find my favorite over the knee black suede boots to pair with the mini skirt look (keep me in your prayers). Boots would have definitely topped off the look. If you try out the mini skirt look, add printed tights and boots for some added drama.

Sarah, shout out to you for bringing a bit of new life to my wardrobe! 

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Note: Kandace is modeling a size XL in all pieces shown