Style Hack: I found the perfect formula for color blocking


It took about thirty or so combinations but I figured it out! Consider me a color blocking expert!

I Found the Perfect Formula for Color Blocking

Forever color lover Anabeth Fuller of @anabeth.jpg challenged me to try her favorite style hack: color blocking. Here’s how she describes it for us.

“My favorite style hack is color blocking. Everyone has a favorite color, a power color. That’s something that you feel at home in, something that makes you feel more like yourself. Ask yourself things like “what color makes me feel my best when I wear it?” 

 “From there, take a color you like and pair it with one or two other colors. Not sure if they “go” together? Type in something like “hot pink outfit ideas” or “hot pink color palette” into Pinterest and make a fun, new color block outfit from some clothes you have in your closet. You can also color block a vibrant color with neutrals: navy and hot pink, beige and citron, etc. 

The reason I love color blocking so much is because you’d be surprised by how many colors look good together. It’s a fun way to flex your creativity in how you get dressed each day. It’s also easier to pair solid colors together than it is to mix patterns. It can be such a great place to start as you work to add more color and vibrancy in your wardrobe! 

Check out Anabeth below. This girl plays NO games when it comes to color and I love it!

A True Challenge

Here’s one thing I learned very quickly: I don’t wear a lot of primary and secondary colors and I don’t wear a lot of solids with solids. My closet was all mauvey and moody tones with lots of prints, patterns and graphic tees. So ya girl had to do some shopping. No big deal, right? Well…no big deal unless your orders get stuck who knows where because Texas decided to have a whole dang snow storm and electricity outage PLUS you don’t have a ton of luck at some of your regular favorite shops! This hack was a tough nut to crack and I’m ashamed of how many poorly selected shades of orange, lilac and green I’ll be returning. Oh well. Onward and upward! Let’s check out the first look. 

The Formula

After lots of experimenting and alternating pieces like these looks were little puzzles to solve, I came up with my formula for color blocking. There are certainly a number of ways to color block. This is one way that works for me and my complexion. The key to my formula is mixing vibrant colors with pastels. I included a graphic for you to reference while you’re out and about doing some color blocking of your own. Vibrant colors are on the top and pastel tones are on the bottom.

An Oldie + A Newbie

After trying several duds, I found this skirt in a lovely shade of lilac. It doesn’t fit too tight on my hips and is a great length. It hit right at the center of my shin. I knew it would be perfect with my favorite chartreuse sweater (yup, I have more than one!). Since Texas this time of year will have you blowing the A/C in the afternoon and the heat at night, a nice mix of warm + cool will serve me well. What’s another color you’d pair with this sweater?

Lilac Wins Again

Can you tell how much I love this look (insert tongue out emoji)? I paired my new lilac skirt with a sweater in a shade of orange that I questioned from the moment I bought it to right before I shot the first image. This is not a color I’d typically pick for myself and even if I wear this now, I’ll have to be careful with what I pair it with so as not to imbalance the undertones in my complexion. Since working for myself and not being tied to any dress code, I’ve learned how much I actually love tennis shoes. These stark white Pumas are perfect and are super comfortable. Pumas fit my wide  feet and flatter really well and I like the bit of lift I get from the thicker sole. Can you spot these two colors in our formula above?

Wide Not?

I found these wide leg trousers in a super light pink with a split hem and I’m in LOVE. It’s so rare for me to find a pair of pants that I don’t have to get taken in at the waist or up at the hem. Hallelu! I typically pair wide leg pants with a fitted top to balance out the silhouette and show off my waist. I tried this look with a crew neck bodysuit in burnt orange and a crop top in berry. Y’all know I love for a crop top. I haven’t decided if this berry top is too short or if I’m open to showing a little skin. What do you think?

She Tried

I had far too many failed looks not to show you a few. Want to know why these are wrong? The pleated skirt look does not follow my formula (above) and the skirt was way too long. The long sleeve orange sweater was too bulky for the silky lilac skirt. The hot pink coat look was just not something I would actually wear. I was trying too hard to make it work and I’ve learned the hard way that if you can’t stop looking at it with your head cocked to the side and your eyes squinted, it’s time to let it go!

One Small Step for >This< Woman

This style hack really pushed my wardrobe forward and gave me more options. Thank you, Anabeth! I’m also glad I figured out my formula for crafting the perfect color block look for me. It took a lot of trial and error to get there. I tried again and again to get the formula right so that you don’t have to. Put that formula to good use and send us pics when you do!

Pro tip: Pair a bold lip, you know that shade that looks great no matter what you have on, with any of these looks like I did with my favorite magenta